Into the heart in the city: LONDON


Yoga, massage, connection and community for gay, bi and queer men with Andy Butterfield and Tom Cowan

Saturday 2.15-5.15pm
10th January 2020
14th March 2020

The Bridge
73-81 Southwark Bridge Road

Together we’ll explore the therapeutic nature of Vajrasati yoga, healing Shiatsu touch, sharing and being listened to from the heart and how we can show up and be seen by our community.

In this afternoon workshop we’ll begin by checking in with each other, welcoming ourselves and the other men into the space.  Creating our circle of belonging and safety so that we can immerse ourselves into the practices that follow.

Tom will offer a Yoga Nidra, a relaxing meditation, exploring the space between waking and dreaming.  This is done lying down, in a comfortable position and it is more than enough to receive the practice and let your awareness integrate the experience.  

So often we think there is something we have to do to ‘relax’.  In this Nidra state we undo that tendency and trust ourselves to let go into the present moment.  Each person’s Yoga Nidra is unique to them and it is an opportunity to become more aware of deeper states of consciousness.

When we surface from this deep rest there is time to ground with sweet dates, dark chocolate and water before we move into a practice of Vajrasati Yoga.  Vajrasati is a yoga community based in Brighton that teaches authentic, traditional yoga practices as well as modern postural yoga (the kind of postures you might experience in a regular yoga class).

We start slowly, with long deep stretches, balances and restorative asanas so that our bodies begin to speak the language of spontaneity and intuitive movement; breathing, softening, listening.

We play with partner postures that help us move deeply into the heart,  deeply into the body & more deeply into the present moment.  These are also an opportunity for us to explore other bodies, taking care of each other as we move, breathe and open together.

There will be a short relaxation to ground after the yoga, preparing us for the Shiatsu massage guided by Andy.

Simple, effective and easy to follow techniques will be demonstrated that enable you to give and receive much needed healing touch in pairs. Working the energy lines/meridians of the body, restoring the nervous system to a restful, calm and connected state.

Often in the the city we can be easily distracted, our attention scattered and we may find ourselves in a vigilant, alert state of stress and anxiety.

This workshop will support your body and mind to find balance again, bringing you into the centre of your experience where you are more focused, aware and connected,  to yourself and the other men around you.

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Andy and Tom regularly work with organisations including Loving Men, Tantra for Gay Men, Radical Faeries and Queer Spirit Festival to name but a few.