The Power of Tantra: what you need to know

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Tantra is Empowerment. Tantra is Healing. Tantra is Freedom. Tantra is Transformation. Tantra is Realising Potential. 

Let’s set about the business of becoming more available to the Life and Love within

Tantra invites us to grow, to unfold into the truth of what we are capable of as abundant and creative beings of love, light and life.  The practice of its teachings expands us into our potential. We can become our most fearless, creative, courageous, confident, loving, honest, wise selves and we realise we are in reach of everything we could ever need. It’s all inside.

‘You are the one you have sought for so long’ Jeff Foster

Tantra enables us to uncover this truth through the body and through the heart.

Using breath, movement, sound, touch and mindful awareness, we awaken our raw, potent lifeforce energy and expand it through the body. It vibrates and trembles with more and more pleasure and vitality and our perception of what the body is capable of widens. We begin to access more of what’s available to us and as our inner resources emerge, we can stand in deeper, richer, higher consciousness. We receive much more of our selves.

Tantra also brings us into relationship with others and we all become each other’s mirrors, teachers, guides and gifts. Energised by lifeforce, the heart opens and can truly know itself as boundless in its capacity for compassion, generosity and love. We light the way and lead each other home.

‘You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.’ Rumi

In this workshop, Andy will guide you through movement, meditation, touch and massage practices to enable you to feel more with your body, open up your perspective, open your heart, raise your energy, lifeforce and power. We will work safely and mindfully with sexual and sensual energy, orientating it around the compassion and respect of the Heart.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are curious about understanding more about the true essence of Tantra
  • You want to feel more connected to your body 
  • You are working on healing from past negative experiences regarding your sexuality
  • You want to become more mindful and more present
  • You are looking to break out of patterns that no longer serve you
  • You want more intimacy
  • You are interested in working with energy
  • You are interested in better sex with yourself and with others
  • You want to integrate sexuality with spirituality

Please note that as a group, we commit to holding a safe, boundaried and respectful space. We are working with sexual energy but we do not engage in sexual acts in the session. You need to be able to sit and kneel in comfort.

First 5 tickets £40
and then £45 thereafter

6.30am to 9.30pm in Covent Garden, Central London. Details after booking.