The Reconnection Process

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A five-day residential programme exclusively for gay, bi and queer men, offering deep transformation through immersive, cathartic exploration

This process is designed for gay, bi, queer men who are… 

– Stuck in repeating cycles of behaviour around relationships
– Feeling depressed or disconnected 
– Keen to learn more about themselves and the way they operate
– Unsure what they really want in life
– Unkind to themselves about their looks, appearance, body
– Losing their sense of play and adventure 
– Struggling to connect with other gay men in a meaningful way
– In therapy and want to boost their experiential learning
– Lacking passion in their working, social or relationship life
– At a crossroads in life
– Wishing to make significant life changes

After completing The Reconnection Process, you will be better equipped to…

– experience an increased sense of connection with yourself and other gay men
– make better choices around work, relationships, health, self-care
– understand how to better cultivate healthy connections with men in your life
– use strategies to help transform persistent negative thinking
– better understand and accept yourself and your body
– honour, trust and nourish your body and manage your energy levels
– trust more fully in your inherent sense of play, creativity and spontaneity
– relate more authentically to other men
– process stuck or painful emotions and reconnect with your joy 
– communicate more clearly
– be more comfortable with being open and vulnerable 
– have stronger boundaries in relationships
– experience greater capacity for self-love and self-care

What happens on the course? 

The five-day residential programme is a seamlessly choreographed series of experiences, designed to help you process emotions, particularly around your relationship to yourself and other gay men.  You may think of it as re-parenting yourself.  

There are no phones, computers, televisions or other contact with the outside world, enabling you to delve deep.  This digital detox is extremely cathartic in itself. 

There are a maximum of sixteen guys on the course, with two gay male facilitators. 

The days will be long, so it may feel intensive, and there are regular breaks and down-time in which you can integrate your experiences. 

The work itself includes an eclectic mix of cognitive behavioural strategies, inner child experiences, NLP techniques, movement, yoga, qi gong, breath work, emotional release work, art therapy, ritual, honest sharing, journalling, explorations in intimacy and vulnerability, music, meditation, creative play and visualisation.  

Expect to be challenged and skilfully nudged beyond your comfort zone to expedite your personal journey.

The Facilitators

Sam Cotton is a solution-focused therapeutic coach, hypnotherapist and super-experienced workshop facilitator, having clocked up thousands of hours of teaching intensive personal development work in residential settings. 

Sam spent a number of years as a Senior Teacher of The Hoffman Process, leading thousands of people through dynamic healing work in intensive retreat settings.  As well as his in-depth training as a Hoffman Teacher, Sam holds a Diploma in Solution-Focused Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy from Uncommon Knowledge and a BA (Hons) in Performance Studies from City University, London.   He is currently studying for a Masters in Addiction Psychology. 

Sam’s commitment to his own therapeutic journey allows him to skilfully hold space for others, and he brings to his work his ongoing emotional catharsis from fifteen years of personal exploration through twelve-step recovery, integrative arts therapy, professional supervision and countless workshop and retreat experiences.  

Originally from a background of live theatre and television, Sam is the perfect person to create and deliver immersive healing experiences to support therapeutic change in others. 

Andy Butterfield is a highly-experienced group facilitator, having run many retreats and workshops for gay men and for the wider community.  As a respected Shiatsu therapist, mindfulness, yoga and tantra teacher – he integrates the many tools he has studied and practised with during the last 15 years to help people to strengthen their lifeforce via the body and the somatic experience. 

He is passionate about the vital role that the body plays in deep healing, recovery and self-empowerment and his teaching is rooted in compassion, safety, gratitude, mindful awareness and transformation.

Andy thrives in the process of co-creating community and holding a safe, relaxed and meaningful space for gay and bi men to explore intimacy, connection and joy together.

The Venue

Amatista is an eco-conscious and heart-centred retreat venue, nestled amongst vineyards and volcanoes in the picturesque heart of Lanzarote.  It offers exclusive occupancy for the course.  

Meals are wholesome and abundant and are prepared by an in-house chef.  

Most dietary requirements can be catered for. 

Amatista is 20 minutes’ taxi ride from Lanzarote Airport and 15 minutes away from breathtaking beaches.

Designed as a place for regeneration, the retreat centre is an oasis of light, tranquility and healing.

Course Fee

The Reconnection Process fee is £995.00.  

The fee covers all course tuition time, course materials, accommodation, meals, pre-course enrolment support and a post-course refresher session (via Zoom). 

All accommodation is shared in spacious, comfortable rooms with one or two others, and forms an important part of the community aspect of the training.

You are responsible for your own flights and transfers. 

A non-refundable deposit of £300 is required to secure your place, with the balance payable one month before the course, or if you pay in full when booking, you will receive a discount of £50. 

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