Transformational Tantra: the pathway of potential

Gay Men’s Retreats, Tantra, Yoga, Yoga For Men

In this one day workshop, tantra teachers Andy and Joao reveal a map to better health and wellbeing and give you tools to navigate it. 

Learn how to locate, access and utilise the seven power centres in the body so that you optimise your lifeforce energy and expand into your potential. 

Otherwise known as Chakras, these power centres are places in the body where lifeforce energy gathers and concentrates to power each part of the whole system.  Injury, trauma and stress can create blockages which prevent the chakras from functioning properly. This impacts all elements of our health, physically, emotionally, psychologically and means we don’t thrive as we are meant to. 

Tantra Yoga practices open, clear and balance the seven power centres so that lifeforce energy flows optimally and we become our most fearless, creative, confident, compassionate, truthful, insightful and integrated selves.

In the first part of the day we will work with grounding the energy to feel more present and connected to our bodies and the raw and vibrant lifeforce within. We will learn how to cultivate a sense of safety and security, exploring needs, desires, boundaries and consent. 

Once that container has been built we will work individually and in pairs and groups to expand lifeforce energy with tantric practices using movement, sound, breath and mindfulnes. The whole body becomes available as a source of pleasure and power and sensation becomes richer, deeper and stronger. You will also learn simple but effective touch and massage techniques to build this experience within yourself and your lovers and partners. 

Open up to more power, intimacy and pleasure. Become more connected to your ecstatic self.  

Sunday 17th November
Central London location. Details on booking. 

* Limited number of early bird tickets

Exploring erotic energy is done within a safe, held, playful and respectful space. You are encouraged to take responsibility for your boundaries and to play within these. You are never required to share touch with someone you do not want to share touch with. 

No-one is refused entry due to financial reasons so please contact Andy or Joao if the early bird price is way beyond your financial means. 

Please arrive 15-20 minutes before the start and bring a flat sheet, towel, water bottle and something to share for lunch.