The Sound of Deep Relaxation – Shiatsu Massage and Mantra Workshop

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Due to the success and popularity of the first one, Andy Butterfield and Mark Bouzida take you on a blissful journey back home to the heart – firstly with shiatsu massage and then joyful kirtan, (the practice of singing together). 

You’ll realise the therapeutic power that’s available in your hands and how you can share that power with others. Andy will guide you to learn easy but effective shiatsu techniques to ease tension in the neck, shoulders, back, hips, legs and feet. 

In this opened, receptive and expanded state, the body is primed to receive healing vibrations of sound and song at a deeper, more profound level. Relax back and let the Kirtan lift you into the ecstatic space of the heart. Feel your stress melt away and your nervous system grow calm.    

You are warmly invited to participate in both portions of the workshop but you are also welcome to just take part in the shiatsu or the kirtan. 


Shiatsu is a powerful form of therapeutic bodywork, originating in Japan. It uses a variety of techniques such as stretches, joint mobilisation, acupressure and holding to bring the body into a state of deep relaxation and support and balance vital life-force energy. In this space the body is able to better balance and heal itself. No previous experience is necessary but you will need to be able to sit and kneel in comfort. You do not need to bring a partner as you will work with different people in the class. You will remain fully clothed so please wear warm, loose, comfortable clothing.

Andy is a tantra yoga teacher and shiatsu therapist in London and Brighton. His approach is about finding more joy and wisdom in the body. He loves to hold safe, fun and meaningful spaces for gay, bi and queer men to come together in community and connect in friendship, intimacy, joy and healing. (

Kirtan is the yoga of sound, a beautiful and high energy experience of chanting mantra as a group to connect our voices to our inner states of bliss, joy and oneness. It’s also a great party – a celebration of ourselves, our voices and our hearts. 

Mark first discovered Kirtan whilst travelling in India. It had an immediate and powerful effect and after returning to London, he was inspired to train with Nikki Slade in Kirtan Leadership. Mark has led Kirtan at The Southbank and leads Kirtan regularly at yoga studios across London and day urban retreats. ‘I know that sound can bring us into a place of deep inner peace. Through Kirtan, we come together, connect to our hearts and bring together mind, body and soul, leaving us uplifted and in joy.’