Rise. Shine.

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Naked Tantra Yoga : Shamanism : Massage : Reiki – 22nd to 27th September 2020

‘You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.’ Rumi

Join Andy Butterfield and Robert Van Ravens on this retreat for gay-bi-queer men and immerse yourself in embodied practices that awaken our raw, potent life-force energy and expand it through the body. 

Through tantra yoga, breathwork, shamanic practice, ritual and ceremony, massage and reiki, this life-force vibrates and trembles with more and more pleasure and vitality and our perception of what the body is capable of widens. We begin to access more of what’s available to us and our inner resources emerge, we can stand in deeper, richer, higher consciousness. We receive much more of the gift that is our Self. 

‘You are the one you have sought for so long.’ Jeff Foster

Relationship and brotherhood is a key part of the retreat experience. We all become each other’s mirrors, teachers, guides and gifts. Energised by lifeforce, the heart opens and can truly know itself as boundless in its capacity for compassion, generosity and love. We light the way and lead each other home.  

This retreat is for you if:

  • You are looking to integrate your sexuality and spirituality and open up to a deepening awareness of who you are
  • You love the idea of getting back to nature, feeling the sun on your naked skin, roaming through woodland and mountains, stargazing and sharing around the fire pit  
  • You want more intimacy with like-minded, warm-hearted gay and bi men and to experience the joy, connection and healing that arises in community 
  • You want to enjoy and celebrate your body through movement and energy work 
  • You are looking to expand your awareness of what your body, mind and spirit are capable of
  • You are working on healing from negative experiences regarding your sexuality and/or you are interested in better sex, with yourself and with others
  • You are ready for an adventure, to take risks, grow beyond your comfort zone and discover new ways of delighting in who you are

A typical day:

8am* functional fitness, movement and yoga
9.30am breakfast
11.30am reiki attunements on Wednesday 
1.30pm lunch
5pm shamanic work
7pm dinner

The schedule may be subject to change.

*The yoga and functional movement and fitness will be for active beginners and improvers so you will need to be relatively fit, healthy and active. Andy and Robert draw on their experience with functional exercise and hatha vinyasa yoga to instruct in a mindful, flowing practice that is both subtle and physical.


Cortijo El Cachete is a stunning new venue for retreats and gatherings.  Nestled in the olive groves of the Andalusian countryside, yet only 50 minutes from Malaga airport, it is a perfect secluded hideaway for our work. You’ll enjoy

  • A huge 20m long swimming pool
  • Ensuite bedrooms
  • Beautiful gardens and intimate courtyards where you can relax in the sunshine
  • Hearty, delicious and nourishing plant-based cooking by a wonderful Chef
  • A rich programme of learning and practice but also plenty of time to rest, relax and reconnect 


Most rooms are single occupancy and have a double bed. Some have single beds and will be allocated last. 


Beautiful Master Bedroom with terrace:

Twin room based on two sharing:

Secure your place with a non-refundable £300 deposit. See further information in the COVID CONSIDERATIONS section below. Contact Andy at andybutterfield@icloud.com or on +44 7968 846610.

– 2 yoga and tantra classes per day 
– Reiki level I
– Three delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals a day, afternoon snack and herbal teas and water
– A transfer from the airport to the retreat centre is also included in our stay


Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing, self-regulation and self-care. 

Through reiki, we receive the lifeforce energy around us, the energy that flows through all living things, the energy from the sun and the cosmos, the oceans and the earth. This balances and strengthens our own lifeforce. 

Our is lifeforce is responsive to thoughts and feelings. It becomes disrupted by negative thoughts or feelings we hold about ourselves. These negative thoughts and feelings attach themselves to the energy field and cause a disruption in the flow of life force. This diminishes the vital function of the organs and cells of the physical body. 

Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field and charging them with positive energy. It raises the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the physical body where the negative thoughts and feelings are attached. This causes the negative energy to break apart and fall away. In so doing, Reiki clears, straightens and heals the energy pathways, thus allowing the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way. Reiki is extremely helpful in working with Tantric Energy and supports the expansion and growth that comes with it.


The ability to channel Reiki energy is transferred to the student by a Reiki Master during an attunement process. 

By receiving an attunement you will gain a valuable tool for self-healing and self-regulation and also become part of a group of people who are using Reiki to share peace, love and expand universal consciousness with others and the Planet. It is a beautiful, relaxing and deeply nurturing experience and I am delighted to be able to share it with you.  

(With thanks to Miguel Chavez at www.reikimaya.com and his manual for Reiki 1 and 2, the Usui System of Healing). 


There is a great deal of space at the venue. Guests will have their own rooms, the yoga spaces are large and airy and it’s easy to spread out at meal times should you choose to.

Should a guest develop symptoms of any kind during the retreat, staff members are to be alerted. If covid is suspected, we will follow government guidelines as far as possible. Two trained nurses are part of our experienced team and we will support and take care of you should you become unwell.

Please do not travel if, during the 2 weeks before our retreat, you develop any of the following symptoms associated with covid-19:
-high temperature
-loss or change in your sense of smell and taste
-new, continuous cough


Andy is a shiatsu therapist, tantra yoga teacher and Reiki master and folds these disciplines into his teaching to help his students tap into the great intelligence, power and creativity of the body. He is passionate about creating community and holding a safe, relaxed and meaningful space for gay and bi men to meet and explore intimacy, connection and joy.

He has taught many retreats and workshops around the world and is based in London and Brighton, UK.

Please contact Andy at andybutterfield@icloud.com or via the Contact page for more details

Robert has a rich and fascinating background in yoga, massage, breath and bodywork, healing, tantra and plant medicine. Drawing on his trainings with Body Electric, Authentic Eros, Sacred Intimacy and Ayahuasca, he has developed beautiful and profound practices for men to help them embody their sacred sexual spirits and to explore and share their healing capacities in a safe, collaborative and playful environment.

Find out more about Robert at www.respirotouch.nl

The Sound of Deep Relaxation – Shiatsu Massage and Mantra Workshop

Kirtan, Shiatsu, Workshops, Yoga, Yoga For Men

Due to the success and popularity of the first one, Andy Butterfield and Mark Bouzida take you on a blissful journey back home to the heart – firstly with shiatsu massage and then joyful kirtan, (the practice of singing together). 

You’ll realise the therapeutic power that’s available in your hands and how you can share that power with others. Andy will guide you to learn easy but effective shiatsu techniques to ease tension in the neck, shoulders, back, hips, legs and feet. 

In this opened, receptive and expanded state, the body is primed to receive healing vibrations of sound and song at a deeper, more profound level. Relax back and let the Kirtan lift you into the ecstatic space of the heart. Feel your stress melt away and your nervous system grow calm.    

You are warmly invited to participate in both portions of the workshop but you are also welcome to just take part in the shiatsu or the kirtan. 



Shiatsu is a powerful form of therapeutic bodywork, originating in Japan. It uses a variety of techniques such as stretches, joint mobilisation, acupressure and holding to bring the body into a state of deep relaxation and support and balance vital life-force energy. In this space the body is able to better balance and heal itself. No previous experience is necessary but you will need to be able to sit and kneel in comfort. You do not need to bring a partner as you will work with different people in the class. You will remain fully clothed so please wear warm, loose, comfortable clothing.

Andy is a tantra yoga teacher and shiatsu therapist in London and Brighton. His approach is about finding more joy and wisdom in the body. He loves to hold safe, fun and meaningful spaces for gay, bi and queer men to come together in community and connect in friendship, intimacy, joy and healing. (www.andybutterfield.com)

Kirtan is the yoga of sound, a beautiful and high energy experience of chanting mantra as a group to connect our voices to our inner states of bliss, joy and oneness. It’s also a great party – a celebration of ourselves, our voices and our hearts. 

Mark first discovered Kirtan whilst travelling in India. It had an immediate and powerful effect and after returning to London, he was inspired to train with Nikki Slade in Kirtan Leadership. Mark has led Kirtan at The Southbank and leads Kirtan regularly at yoga studios across London and day urban retreats. ‘I know that sound can bring us into a place of deep inner peace. Through Kirtan, we come together, connect to our hearts and bring together mind, body and soul, leaving us uplifted and in joy.’

The power of retreating

Gay Men’s Retreats, Retreat, Retreats, Shiatsu, Tantra, Urban Retreats, Workshops, Yoga, Yoga For Men

I feel honoured that so many people trust me to guide them in practices that help them to feel. Yoga, shiatsu, tantra, movement, touch enables people to enter into a deeper, more meaningful relationship with their bodies, their lifeforce, their poise, their power, their compassion, their resilience, their creativity, their wisdom. 

I’ve just finished leading my eleventh retreat and am always struck by how much I love doing them. When I bring together a group of people and co-create a space with them, something happens to my own lifeforce. It gets bigger and stronger and brighter. I’m usually many miles away from my normal life but I feel more at home in myself and more connected to my capabilities. I watch in delight at the wonders that flow through me and the group and I realise that I am in my element.

I’ve gone on retreat many times, journeying deeply into mindfulness, yoga and bodywork, receiving more of the light that these practices shine. To be able to open and hold the space for others to receive that light too is an opportunity to pay the privilege forward. 

Beautiful things happen for people on retreat: connection, inspiration, letting go, empowerment, healing. It’s such a gift to watch the magic unfold, time and time again. Each group constellation being what it needs to be but always shimmering with a kindness and a joy.

Even something as short as a weekend can be a powerful reset. And 5-7 days or longer can be truly life-changing.  Coming away from everyday life and connecting in warm-hearted community, having some space to unplug, to process, to breathe, getting out of your head and into your body, finding who you are again. We return stronger and more resilient than we were before. Sometimes with a fresh new perspective or free from some of our pain.

So what did we get up to on this last retreat adventure? We sang, danced and played games until we doubled over in laughter. We stretched and sweated and eased away tension. We hugged and we sat around the fire and had long, lazy, delicious meals. We remembered the joy of having a body. 

My next retreats are Portugal in June, Greece in July and East Sussex in October. Details here.

The Chic Greek Gay Getaway

Gay Men’s Retreats, Greece, Retreat, Retreats, Shiatsu, Tantra, Yoga, Yoga For Men

Yoga, Massage and Movement Retreat for Gay, Bi and Queer Men. 

22nd-27th July, Kythnos, Greece

Find more joy and freedom in your body through yoga, breathwork, massage and movement. 

Cradled by sapphire waters, the magical Greek island of Kithnos is a perfect place to rest back into yourself. As the summer sun ripens, filling the sky, you’ll bathe in its golden glow.  Thoughtful yoga practices combined with massage will allow you to release stress and tension and also equip you with powerful tools for regulating, relaxing and nourishing yourself.

Unwind and open to the beautiful, warm sun; to wonderful food, hospitality and friendship; and to your deeper, more present and connected self.

Experienced teacher Andy Butterfield pulls together a rich program of yoga, shiatsu, movement, meditation, dance and massage to ground and uplift you. He has led 12 retreats, 11 for gay, bi and trans men and is passionate about creating safe, cohesive and meaningful spaces for men to come together to laugh, share, connect and heal.


  • You want to hang out with like-minded, warm-hearted gay, bi and trans men and experience the joy, connection and healing that arises in community 
  • You want to explore, enjoy and celebrate your body through movement
  • You are interested in energy work as a way to help and heal yourself and others
  • You haven’t been on a retreat before but love the idea of a nurturing, restorative, relaxing and fun break 
  • You have been on retreat and know just how much good can come from taking some time out for yourself.

A typical day:

8am yoga
10am brunch
5pm yoga or massage class on Tuesday and Friday
7pm dinner

The schedule may be subject to change.


You will stay in beautiful 3 bedroom villas, each with 2 bathrooms, a living room and a terrace overlooking the ocean. Yoga, movement and massage sessions will take place beneath the shade of a bamboo pergola in the gorgeous yoga shala. 

There will be so much time to chill out by the infinity pool, get a massage, watch the sun sink into the sea, or venture out and explore the beautiful villages, beaches and landscapes and the natural spas of the island. There’s a good chance we will even have a beach all to ourselves, just minutes away from the retreat centre! 


  • 8-10 hours of yoga classes
  • Two delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals a day, brunch and dinner, snack and unlimited herbal teas and water
  • A transfer from the airport to the hotel, including the ferry is also included in our stay


Twin/Double £750 or €840

Secure your place with a non-refundable £225 or €255 deposit. Contact Andy via the form above or on 
07968 846610.

Into The Heart

Gay Men’s Retreats, Retreats, Shiatsu, Tantra, Workshops, Yoga, Yoga For Men

Yoga Retreat for Gay, Bi and Trans Men. 
4th to 6th October, Sussex

This is the third retreat we have run from this venue, Gayles Retreat as we all love it so much and keep coming back!

It’s nestled deep in the Sussex countryside, a haven of peace, calm and a much needed breathing space.

Conveniently close to London/Brighton with excellent rail/bus links and plenty of parking should you wish to drive the 90 minutes from London to the Sea.

The weekend will be hosted by two experienced teachers, Andy Butterfield and Tom Cowan, who have been leading workshops and retreats offering Vajrasati & Hatha Flow Yoga, Shiatsu, Tantra, Meditation and Nature Connection Practices. They regularly support events for Yoganu, Loving Men, Tantra for Gay Men and the Radical Faeries.

We come together to explore embodied presence, movement, connection with ourselves and each other, Nature & community.
We recognise and appreciate yoga as a practice that cultivates integration through movement, breathwork, meditation and with the relaxation that comes from experiencing yoga Nidra.

These are an invaluable resource for creating balance, calmness and steadiness in the mind and body.

There will be relaxing, meditative, restorative and enlivening practices of yoga during this weekend.

Supporting us through periods of anxiety, depression, addiction and helping to mediate compulsive behaviours, a regular yoga practice (abyahasa) opens up a crack of light in the endless stream of thoughts and stories (vikalpa) that can be our preoccupation giving us breathing space so we can gain a fresh perspective (vairagyam).

It’s in the pauses between thinking, as we move, breathe, stretch and connect that we awaken from the trance of being lost to ourselves and begin to once again experience the sensations both in and outside of the body that constitute reality in this moment.

In this way we learn to take our practice off the mat and walk it into life, step by step, day by day.

We’re building resilience in the face of stress and tension by noticing when we get caught up, so we can find our centre and enjoy the beauty of being present to ourselves and the world around us.

There will be lots of space to simply ‘be’. Time to unwind, relax and connect with yourself. Switch off the phone. Leave the emails behind for a weekend. Listen to the sounds of nature, feel the air on your skin and enjoy good food, good company and a real retreat!

Please come and join us for this immersive weekend of relaxing and restorative Shiatsu massage, playful deep and accessible yoga, fun games and nature based practices, meditation walks through the beautiful gardens and delicious home cooked vegetarian food, all against the backdrop of the stunning Seven Sisters coastline and the gentle ambience of Gayles Retreat atop the cliffs.

Prices include all costs, including your room, three delicious vegetarian meals a day and all refreshments, fruit, hot drinks etc.

Our venue for the event is Gayles, a beautiful retreat centre situated in the outstanding countryside of the South Downs in East Sussex. Gayles is 15 miles from Brighton, a 90 minute drive from London and easily accessible by public transport. See http://www.retreattogayles.co.uk/ for more information.

Food at the event is vegetarian and with sufficient notice it’s possible to provide vegan, dairy-free and wheat-free diets.

More info on the teachers
Tom www.tomcowan.info
Andy www.andybutterfield.com

Andy and Tom

Price includes all costs; accommodation, three delicious meals a day and teaching with Andy and Tom. 

Bunk Dorm (11 beds, most bunks, 2 showers, two toilets) – from £265* 

Small Dorm (6 beds, no bunks, one toilet and one shower) – from £285* 

Double Room and en-suite (only one available – for two people who will share a double bed) – £599

Booking can be made directly here: https://events.eventzilla.net/e/into-the-heart—a-yoga-retreat-for-gay-bi–queer-men-2138750726

Contact Andy (07968 846610) or Tom (07858 224601) for more info or email yogawithandyandtom@gmail.com 

A Winter Escape for Gay, Bi and Queer Men

Gay Men’s Retreats, Retreat, Retreats, Shiatsu, Workshops, Yoga, Yoga For Men

28th Feb – 4th March, Lanzarote, Canary Islands

In way more than a yoga holiday, find more joy and freedom in your body through yoga, massage and movement

Shorten your winter and come to the Canary Islands where you can move, open, stretch and come back to life in the beautiful warm sunlight.

As the light emerges and expands, there’s no better time to take some rest after the long winter, recharge and then look ahead to what you want to create next. Energy follows intention so let a few days of mindfulness, movement, rest, friendship and play lift your spirits, open your heart, and connect you to your power and creativity.

Experienced teacher Andy Butterfield pulls together a rich program of yoga, movement, meditation, games and massage to ground and uplift you. He has led 16 retreats, 15 for gay, bi and queer men and is passionate about creating safe, cohesive and meaningful spaces for men to come together to laugh, share, connect and heal.


  • You’re dreading a cold, lingering winter and delight at the thought of being able to wear shorts and flip flops again by the beginning of March
  • You want to hang out with like-minded, warm-hearted gay, bi and trans men and experience the joy, connection and healing that arises in community
  • You want to explore, enjoy and celebrate your body through movement
  • You like the sound of adventuring in your body through yoga, massage and movement
  • You haven’t been on a retreat before but love the idea of a nurturing, restorative, relaxing and fun break
  • You have been on retreat and know just how much good can come from taking some time out for yourself.

A typical day:

  • 8am yoga
  • 10am brunch
  • 11.30am workshop on Monday and/or Wednesday
  • 5pm yoga
  • 7pm dinner.

The schedule may change a bit.

Lanzarote, is an island of contrasting landscapes, from striking volcanic plains to lush green oases. Just 70 nautical miles from the Sahara, proximity to the Med and the hot tropics keeps summers bearable and winters warm. Clouds tend to go around the island rather than over it and in March, temperatures are really starting to warm up, and can reach the 20s.

Villa Amatista is located at the tranquil heart of the island and is charged with the energy of awakening. Yoga, 5 rhythms, tai chi, breathwork, tantra, shamanic work all happen here and so there has been much healing and transformation within the space.

The accommodation is full of character and furnished with love and a simple elegance.

Triple £735*
Twin/Double £755*
Single occupancy (just two spaces available) £860*

Save £55 if you book by 1st December.

Secure your place with a £250 deposit. Contact Andy above or on 07968 846610.
The remaining balance must be paid by the 15th January.

There is an outdoor chlorine-free, salt water swimming pool and it is solar-heated so is available for relaxation year round.

An extensive organic vegetable garden provides a variety of juicy nutrient rich vegetables and herbs. All food will be vegetarian and vegan and gluten/dairy free choices will be available. Two vegetarian meals a day will be served; a hearty brunch and healthy, substantial dinner. Each room has a kitchen or access to a kitchen should you want to prepare something for lunch. We will have dinner out one evening, the cost of which will be paid individually at the time.

A tranquil green, oasis, Amatista is surrounded by the vineyards and volcanoes of La Vegueta.

With swaying palms trees, endless varieties of cacti, aloe and other desert plants planted beside twisting pathways, hidden nooks and hilltop lookouts, the rambling gardens allow you to find your spot for meditation, reflection and creativity.

Should you want to make the most of your visit to Lanzarote in your free time, hiring a car is best option. It is likely that between us, we will have a couple of rental cars at our disposal. Taxis are of course, another option.

Daytimes are fine for beach wear, shorts, t shirts and flip flops. You shouldn’t need anything more for the daytime, but in the evenings you might want a light fleece or cardigan.
The temperature in Lanzarote definitely starts to increase during March, and we typically see daytime temperatures of 21 to 26 degrees, falling to 16 to 18 at night.

ANDY Butterfield has journeyed through various styles of yoga and folds elements of these, along with his shiatsu bodywork experience into a mindful, breath-led flow practice. His objective is to help you inhabit your body more fully, relaxing into it with deeper compassion, appreciation and contentment.
Sometimes his classes focus on the creation of space, softening what is stuck and restoring and resourcing us from the inside. Other times, we work hard with strengthening and empowering practices to burn off what isn’t serving us and feel the joy in offering more than we thought we could.
Partner work is also woven in, allowing us to experience that with assistance, support and encouragement, we can move more easily towards the goal of yoga – self knowledge and self love.